This Time

The last time we did a round of IVF, everyone knew everything. 

Friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, strangers at the grocery store. 

They knew (or at least pretended to understand) the process.  The timing.  They tried to be helpful and supportive.  They also said insanely insensitive things. 

It got to the point where I got tired of talking about it. You can only explain about the shots, and the monitoring, and the side effects so many times at the same family dinner. 

Once I was actually pregnant, I was either chastised for talking about it too early, or congratulated, but in a sort of, well, aren’t you supposed to be pregnant after all that? kind of way.

Once they knew we wanted to start again, it became the first thing anyone asked me about – and this time I’m playing dumb.

I guess it’s sort of a blessing this cycle was a bust, because now I really don’t know what’s going on, or when.

This time, if it works, I want to be able to surprise our friends and family with the good news. Like normal people do.  

This Time

About Me

I’m a wife and mother.

I’m a 30-something, life-long East Coaster. I’m an ice cream, cheeseburger, and french fry aficionado.

I love television, and pop culture, and bad pop music.

I had a blog before, and if you’re here because I followed you, it’s because you followed me there too, at some point.

But that blog wasn’t anonymous, and I always regretted that.

Sometimes you just want to bitch about IVF, or your family, or use insane amounts of profanity.

And so, here we are.

About Me

CD1 and Already Out

Today is CD1 for (hopefully) baby #2.

I called my RE’s office and set up my CD3 appointment for Friday.

My nurse called a few hours later, and was like, “ohhhh, I don’t see your bloodwork for X, Y, or Z here.”

And I was like, “HOLY SHIT, that’s because I forgot to go get it done.”

Like, just straight up forgot.

I managed to get all my specialist consultations done. Baselines and HSGs repeated. Consents signed, and notarized. Billing squared away.

And the only thing I had left to do was go to the lab, which is literally, like, five minutes from work. And I knew about it a month ago. Printed out the labslips and everything.


And because my lab sucks donkey balls, even if I went today to get it all done, my RE won’t have the results before CD3, and that means I’m sitting this cycle out.

Now my maybe 2016 baby is already a 2017 baby. And I know that’s not a huge deal. But I was ready, and I was excited, and I had a good feeling.

Too bad I’m an idiot.

My nurse, bless her, did make me laugh though. After apologizing to ME (even though I was like, this is entirely MY fault), she said, “well… enjoy your period!”

CD1 and Already Out