Beta #4: Looking Up?

Beta number four was 1964.

So, a better rise than last time, still not doubled (but I know this is when that starts slowing down) and juuuuuuuust under what my RE considers average (66%).

But Dr. Google says its within normal range, so I don’t know what to think. ⤴️

The good news is, at this point blood tests aren’t going to tell us much more, so I’ll have my first ultrasound on Tuesday, and we’ll see what’s going on in there.

My nurse said if things look ok, and I’m measuring close to on time, I can expect weekly scans until they release me to my OB.

I am cautiously optimistic. My very first pregnancy, a chemical pregnancy, never made it to the third beta. I started bleeding almost as soon as they said, “these numbers don’t look good.”

They’re not saying that this time. I’m just a “smidge below normal,” but I have “a nice curve going on,” so I’m trying not to worry.

Beta 1: 216
Beta 2: 870 (96 hours)
Beta 3: 1208 (48 hours)
Beta 4: 1964 (48 hours)⤵️

Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

Beta #4: Looking Up?


I had my fourth beta draw this morning. 

My RE’s office wasn’t crowded, so I’m hoping I get the call earlier rather than later. 

My superstitious brain thinks earlier is better. Betas 1 and 2, I got the call before noon. Beta 3, came after 2. And all day that day I thought, “she’s waiting to call me last, because the news must be bad.”

So earlier is better, I hope. 

Despite all that, I’m surprisingly calm. 

1) The pressure is off this time, since I have a beautiful 2-year-old. I’m still fertility-challenged, but I’m not barren anymore. 

2) If the numbers are bad today, then it’s likely a chromosonal issue (we opted against PGS due to cost) and we knew that was a possibility. There’s nothing I could’ve done differently to change the outcome, and that is a relief. 

And so, we wait. 


Officially Insane

Next Thursday feels like an eternity from now.

I bought some dollar store tests, which I’ve never used before but I hear they’re pretty sensitive and you can’t beat the price that’s for sure.

I’ve decided testing at home by day 8 is probably the longest I’ll last.

That’s Saturday.

I wish it was Saturday.

Officially Insane

Oh God, I Forgot What This Was Like

It’s been three-ish years since my last embryo transfer, and I’ve totally forgotten the insanity that follows. 

Did it work?! Of course it worked! No, it didn’t work. If it didn’t work, we’ll just try again. If it did work, what if I lose it? What if I have a baby on Christmas Day?! If it worked, when will we tell people? 

When can I start testing? Should I test early? I don’t want to get my hopes up. But I want to manage expectations. 

Last time I had tiny little twinges and pulls. When did those start? Should they have started by now? Oh god, it didn’t work. But I took naps yesterday and today, so maybe it did work. 

We should have transferred two. No, one was better. Twins scare the bejesus out of me. Oh, but twins would mean we were done-done. But it would also mean I’d be a crazy person for like four years. 

Was that a twinge?! Or was it gas? Why don’t my boobs hurt yet? It didn’t work. But they say every pregnancy is different, maybe I won’t feel pregnant at all, but it did work!

It’s been two days. 

Oh God, I Forgot What This Was Like